Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to hack in app purchases on android

                             " how to hack in app purchases???"This is the most burning question that comes in mind all those people who don't want to spend their precious money just for using  mighty eagle in angry birds or for buying Barry a new  jetpack and a set of new costume.
            Well at first sight hacking a purchase may seems to be difficult but its as easy as walking in a garden with your pet as long as you have root access in your phone

So lets get started.
Just follow these simple steps to hack your purchase

  • First of all download and install the latest version of Lucky Patcher from HERE.(Remember older versions of lucky patcher  are full of bugs and are not suitable for our purpose )
  • Now open lucky patcher and grant root access to it.
  • Now locate and select the app in which you want to hack purchases
  • When you select the app a window appear on the screen ,Now in this the window click on "open menu of patches".
  • And now select "support patch for in app and LVL emulation".
  • select "apply" and wait for patch to be applied on your app.
  • Now this step is optional but i prefer to go through this one as it provide higher rate of the step is REBOOTING YOUR PHONE before launching the app.
  • After reboot launch the app and tap on the stuff you want to purchase you'll see that instead of Google in app emulation window lucky patchers custom window pops up asking you whether you want to try this item for free or not.
  • In this window click on "yes" (Non rooted users may tick the option "Send reply to application (unsigned)"
                                      "whola"we've successfully hacked the purchase.... enjoy your free items


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  2. Here is the Latest Lucky Patcher App.

    Please up to date your download link. People need latest, not an older version. Cause old version always missed lovely feature. That's why you should replace the link with the official app.





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