Friday, 9 May 2014

How to make your phone read game data from external sd card

                                      Nowadays most of the phones have the ability to read the game files from external sd card,but still their are some devices which can not do the same like samsung galaxy s duos etc.If you are experiencing the same issue then here is the solution for you
first go to play store and download the app called folder mount (i suggest you to go with pro version)or you can download the app from here.
                        After you have downloaded and installed the app .Just follow our simple steps given below

  • First launch the app and click on + button to add a folder pair
  • Now in the second screen add the name of the folder pair Now tap and hold the "source"option and choose the source directory from which you want to move files from .This should be somewhere in your internal sd card.

  • Now select the destination folder that you want to move files to.This should be some folder in your external sd card

  • Now folder mount will offer to move the files to the destination folder click"yes".
  • After the process is done.Click on the pin and if the pin is green you are all set
                                    if you have any problem in the above tutorial feel free to comment
Note: The files will appear in both the source and destination after pinning them. This is normal as the files that you see in your internal sdcard are actually located on your external sdcard. This is how FolderMount "tricks" apps that don't have the ability to save explicitly to the external sdcard.


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  1. I use the lucky patcher apk on my phone for to do this work. And yeah, it's works fine...




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