Thursday, 27 November 2014

How to get multi-window feature on any android device

                                     Everyone loves the cool multi-window feature of Samsung phones  that comes with high end devices of galaxy series like note 3 or galaxy S5.
           If you are one of those people who want this awesome feature in their phone than here is simple tutorial for you.Just follow these simple steps and get your fully functional multi-window on your phone.
So let's begin our procedure:-

  • First of all you have to download and install xposed framework (You can download it from HERE )
  • After installing the app launch it and install the xposed module through the app.
Please note that the framework is currently in beta stage and can put your phone in permanent boot loop so be careful while installing xposed module .I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR DEVICE.

  • In xposed installer go to Downloads section and download XHaloFloatingWindow after installing activate the module from modules section in the xposed installer and reboot your phone.
  • Now download and install another app that is "multiwindow sidebar app.This app is a sidebar app that mimics the Samsung multiwindow flashbar.
    This app supports all devices, Android 4.0 and above,  " (download it from Here)
  • After Installing, please do this initial setup
    • Choose the apps to appear in the sidebar with Select Apps
    • Choose the method to launch apps using App Launch Mode
    • (Optional) Enable Start on Boot
    • Start the sidebar using Toggle Service.
  • To Launch Apps, there are 2 modes.
    • Tap an app to open it
    • Drag an app to the respective location on the screen
                                         and you're done .Now you Have A fully functional multiwindow+sidebar feature


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