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How to unlock bootloder of HTC Explorer pico

                   Do you want to unlock bootloader of HTC Explorer pico? if yes  then you are at the best place this tutorial is very easy and guides you to UN:LOCK BOOTLOADER OF HTC EXPLORER PICO
                    But before that you need to know what is bootloader.

So What is bootloader??
  The bootloader performs basic hardware initialization .Verify the integrity of the operating system,starts the operating system ,and provides methods to update device software.This validation is important to verify that the software loaded on the device will not damage sensitive parts like processor etc.Google provides a base bootloader as a part of android operating system and most of the manufacturers optimize this for their specific device

Unlock bootloader of HTC Explorer pico 

Just head on to Register page of HTC Dev (HERE)

  • Provide all your essential information in the registration form as they will be sending some details regarding unlocking bootloader specifically for you
  • After successful registration just login into your account as a user   and just head on the bootloader section (THIS ONE)
  • Select "all supported models" in the drop down me
  • Select begin unlock bootloader
  • Read and accept all Conditional pop ups.Then only you will be able to continue
  • Now before you begin unlocking your bootloader.You must have downloaded and installed these files on pc 1st   2nd  3rd
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions 
  • After completing all the steps successfully your boot loader will be unlocked  

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